Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The glass from Yonit's wedding

It all started in my cousin's wedding. I forgot all about my planing when I met my family members that I see only on special occasions like weddings... 
I was laughing with my uncle when suddenly I found myself staring at the broken glass! I started screaming trying to get a way to the glass, my uncle thought something happened to me so he pulled me back! He couldn't understand a word because I was still screaming, trying to explain to him that  I   n e e d   this g l a s s !!! so I pointed with my finger to the place of the glass (still screaming...) and then he asked me:"Do you want the broken glass???"  I even couldn't say yes, I just kept screaming, jumping and nodding with my head... I saw him moving to the glass and suddenly it disappeared! I was with 12cm heels sandals, you can imagine me running and climbing the stage - I   w a n t that   g l a s s !!! that was all I could think of... Lucky me my cousins also understood (finally!) what I want, and one of them saw the Rabbi taking the glass to throw it, he was afraid someone will get hurt from it...
Of course I eat, talked, danced with the broken glass alllll evening

The next step was to find out if it was made of boro glass or soft glass, of course I prayed it will be boro because I hated the idea it will explode all over me when I'll put it in the flame. I didn't want to take a chance (chicken chicken ...) so I bought a special tool to warm it, from Amnon Elbaz, which makes great tools to glass artists.

Now I felt safe (but still put my hand very far from my body .... lol) and I started to make beads from the broken pieces. My cousin Yonit wear only very delicate jewelry, so I new it will be only clear with 22k gold leaf on it.

Here are the results of this journey...

I'll give them to her on Rosh-Hashana evening, next week :)


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