Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi everyone,

I think most of you know that I've an amazing son, which was born with Cerebral Palsy.

The only thing that makes Elai really happy, with the most incredible smile, is water, deep water, where he can dive, swim and make sounds like a real dolphin.  

Elai swims  in Eden Pool three times a week - officially, But he can swim there when ever he wants, even on Saturday and on holidays. The owner of this special pool - Shimon Eyal, opened his home and his heart to people like Elai. I'm pretty sure Elai thinks it is also his home :)
Shimon is the only person Elai is willing to do what he asks from him, and he is working very hard at the pool and enjoying every minute of it. You can see for yourself :)

When ever I've a chance to help promote the amazing job they are doing in this pool, I'm doing it. This time I need your help with it. I’m in a competition on Boticca with my set . I’ll be very happy if you can follow the link and ‘like’ it (In the right top corner). If I'll win, I'm going to sell the prize and donate the money to 'Eden Kids Foundation' ,an Israeli organization that helps disabled children, like my son Elai. Please help me with your 'like' and share it with your friends too.

Thanks a lot!!!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcakes Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I got up sick today arggggg, What would be better than talking about colors combo???? Colors always make me feel better :)

Last week I found my self in a treasury with another Etsy seller - Thebakersconfections - which has beautiful colors combination in her shop.

I really loved this combo !!!

So I went to my table and put these colors on it, and at night I made a few sets from them.
Instead of white I used ivory, especially because of the reaction between it and turquoise.
Here are the results. The first set - 'Circus beads'

Than I made 'Indian Feathers'

And my favorite - The Mask bead !!!

I think it is a great colors combo!!!
What do you think? which kind of bead, with this combo, do you like the most?