Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcakes Inspiration

Hi everyone,

I got up sick today arggggg, What would be better than talking about colors combo???? Colors always make me feel better :)

Last week I found my self in a treasury with another Etsy seller - Thebakersconfections - which has beautiful colors combination in her shop.

I really loved this combo !!!

So I went to my table and put these colors on it, and at night I made a few sets from them.
Instead of white I used ivory, especially because of the reaction between it and turquoise.
Here are the results. The first set - 'Circus beads'

Than I made 'Indian Feathers'

And my favorite - The Mask bead !!!

I think it is a great colors combo!!!
What do you think? which kind of bead, with this combo, do you like the most?


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