Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Purim Holiday

Hi everyone,

Last week we had our own 'Rio carnival' - Purim. For a few days you can see our streets with many people in costumes. My 13 years old daughter - Gaia - decided she want to be one of the 'Power Puff Girls'. 'One of what?' I asked her. Yes yes don't feel embarrassed, I also never heard of them.... lol. 'Aren't you too old for this?' I remember myself in this age only putting make-up and changing  it to a different one every five seconds.
I got the 'Mom!!!' for that...
'Ok - so what do you need? How do they look like these 3 monsters?' I asked her.
She Google it and said: 'Here - I'm the green one'

                                                                 (The pick is from here)

'I need a green dress!' She said.
'Mmmm good luck with that' was my answer. 'Where exactly will you find 3 matching dresses????' I asked. 
'I don't know, do you have any idea?' she said.
'Oh oh' I thought to myself.... 'I don't think you'll find ones. You need to sew ones' I said.

'Oops!!! Big B I G  ..... H U G E mistake!!!' I told myself....
'Great' said Gaia. 'You know how to sew - right???? You always say you have the very best sewing machine.....' 
'And maybe you can also make us matching lampwork earrings????'

So yes, we went to Nahalat Binyamin St. to buy fabric for the 3 dresses, I was screaming at my self for three days and Gaia, Shira and Shira was the 'Power Puff Girls' in this Purim...

                                                    Here is my Gaia veryyyyy happy 

                                           Can you see the matching lampwork earrings?

                  This is the problem with long hair.... but you can see Shira's Turquoise ones

                                           What do you say about Shira's headband????

                                                  What the Power Puff Girls do??? I asked.

                                                    Sure they have something they do....

                                                   You look great - Good for me!!!

Never again!!!


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