Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Israel is 63!

Hi everyone,

I decided to celebrate Israel 63 B-Day with blue & white beads and jewelry. 
I took out all my rods in shades of blue & white from my rods hive, and for two days I made many many beads in these colors. Of course it took me many many hours to clean them....

The sets I made I've listed to my Etsy beads shop - Gaialai
Here are some of them:

Then I played with the jungle blue & white that was on my table and here are the results....
(All of them on my Boticca shop)

                                                                Fairy bells necklace

                                                                    Israeli Feathers

                                               Independence day without a star of David?

I still have many beads in blue &white on my table, so be prepared to see more jewelry with them soon :)


  1. Gorgeous beads! Blue & white is the perfect combo. It's also the colors of the Finnish flag.

  2. You are right! I didn't think of it :)