Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi Everyone :)

About a month ago I decided it's time to my fingernails to look better! Ok Ok - My dear friend Olivia (Hey it is her birthday today - Happy Birthday Olive dear!!! xoxo) gave me a hard time every time I took picks of my rings on my hand.... 'who will buy a ring on hand looking like that????' 
'What's wrong with it?' I said - 'It's a hand of an artist!' 
I didn't convince her.....
Soooo I've made a little research of it and I found Pnina. When I came to her studio in the first time she thought to her self: 'Another delicate woman... probably another 'french' on her nails'.
But the moment I opened my mouth she understood happily what crazy designs she will deal with.... lol.

Here is the first design she made me (I brought the sparkle turquoise nail polish with me.... - Turquoise - my FAV color ever!!!)

And this is the second design:

Delicate Ah???? Actually I wanted a black nail polish with white retro squares design- something dominant - dark - crazy...., but because I also wanted her to put a protective top coat on the nails, it was too much and she thought it will crack, so she made this design and put another layer with the design I wanted. Of course I had to wait along time for it to dry. Me? wait with doing nothing??? No way! I asked her to remove the upper layer and stayed with the delicate - 'not me' design. Next time I won't come with ideas of my own, I'll let her be wild with the design as she likes - She is the nail artist after all - Isn't she? :)



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